I’m Diabetic – What Do I Eat?

chicken salad
chicken salad

This is the most common question asked by someone who is newly diagnosed with diabetes. I wish it could be as simple as giving out a list that includes all the foods that you can or cannot eat. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The truth is, there is no magic list of foods for diabetics to eat. Eating with diabetes isn’t necessarily about making absolute rules for including or excluding actual food products (e.g. you can have pizza and chicken, but you can’t have spaghetti or cake). Rather, it is about looking at the nutritional content of food products. Almost any recipe can be modified to be lower in sugar and carbohydrate content, but it does take some planning and research to find the diabetic recipes that are the most nutritious and best tasting.

Eating Well with Diabetes is for people with diabetes who need help knowing what to eat. Food choices and recipes are a challenge for those with diabetes, whether you have just been diagnosed or had the condition for years.

The goal of Eating Well with Diabetes is to explore diabetic recipes and new food products. Check back frequently for new recipes, product reviews, and tips for managing your diabetes while eating well.

Note: Not all recipes here are necessarily appropriate for all people with diabetes and all recipes may not fit into every meal plan since no two meal plans are alike. You should work with your doctor, dietician, or diabetes educator to design a meal plan that’s right for you and includes the foods you like.